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Building Management System

Buildings are subjected to changeable and at times, extreme weather conditions.
Providing owners with the satisfactory data that enables them to control and monitor their building, whilst at the same time providing a suitable working environment for those within, becomes a difficult requirement to fulfill.

Orientals provide one of Europe's leading Building Management Systems manufacturers to the worldwide HVAC markets.

They provide totally integrated HVAC systems solutions to the complicated requirements that many types of building demand today.

All specific applications, product variations and installations are only carried out through the unique quality approved distribution and supply network of companies.


Environmental and Combustion Controls, Life Safety, Building Solutions, Process
Solutions, Security, Sensing & Control


·          Controls for heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning, humidification, industrial process automation, video surveillance, people and asset
tracking and access control equipment

·          Security, fire detection, gas detection and industrial safety systems, home automation systems

·          Home health monitoring systems

·          Advanced software applications for home/building control and industrial optimization

·          Sensors, switches, control systems and instruments for measuring pressure, air flow, temperature, electrical current and more

·          Drinking water solutions

·          Combustion control solutions




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