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Fire Alarm & Voice Evacuation Systems

Fire Alarm Detection System

Safety guarantees for living quality and comfort. Two important reasons for our high demands. Our fire detector units and systems also satisfy the highest requirements in order to save human lives in emergencies. Regarding the protection of larger objects, it is important to understand the building in terms of usage and protection goals. An office building whose daily visitors number in the several thousands requires different protection than an industrial plant Our Fire systems guarantee individual solutions to meet all requirements

Voice Evacuation System

Whether in airport, hotel, Shopping centers, hospitals or care facilities - the physical structures of buildings in which many people meet are becoming increasingly more complex. Parallel to the dangers and risks involved, awareness of the necessity for an even better way to protect human lives has also increased over the last several years. While the protection of property was usually the main focus of fire protection for insurance reasons in the past, today one finds that in almost all new building regulations, and in particular in specific building codes, there are references to the event-dependent warning of persons in these buildings.     



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